Saturday, November 15, 2008

Packin' Trash

I think I've had enough of the election, er, ah, installation of the Most Merciful.

They always ask "how're things in the trash business?" & I always say "pickin' up". Kind of an inside joke, eh? This has been quite a week for me. Monday AM, a week, I had a message from JBS Swift & Co a meat packing plant about two hours north of here. You may have heard of it, back when they were pandering to their constituents the Border Patrol raided the joint & got about 200 illegal aliens. Oh, the outcry. Separating families, taking food from babies mouths, beating and torturing their women. All right, all right not serious about that last part...but you'da thunk it the way they and the ACLU were caterwallin'.

Back to the story. I was off to make some repairs. In my job it's as much mental as physical. When they call in a breakdown they usually just say "it don't work" if you call them you're lucky to get any information on the breakdown, they say "it don't work".

I finally get up there, we have three compactors in the plant and two of them are not working. The one in the freezer was easy to fix they had just caused it to skip time, kind of like the rotor on your car, when the gear shears off you go nowhere. I said easy and it was, to fix, it took a while to find out what was wrong. Why they think we need computer control to pack trash, I have no idea. Maybe the environazi's got to them as well. I get to the one at the cattle pens and I find it gutted. I'm really pissed off, they are not supposed to touch our equipment. They broke the shaft between the motor and the pump, the printed circuit board is gone and the motor starter is broken. The first thing I do is inform my boss what's going on and then call my contact in the office of the plant and tell them it will be one to two weeks before the parts will come in. She went crazy so I told her to call the office and talk to the boss. I also told her to tell her people to keep their hands out of the control box. What I didn't tell her is that Swift will be billed for the repairs, parts and travel time. I'll leave that to sales. The machine is still down. Waiting on parts.

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