Saturday, August 7, 2010

Wind Power

When the enviro-freaks are through telling us how good the wind power is, it may be important to remember that the total amount of energy that it puts into the grid world wide is slightly less than 2%. That would compare to nuclear power 20%, coal 45%, hydro-electric 7%, natural gas 24%. I couldn't find the percentage for solar power, but I figure it is still hovering around .006%. In other words, insignificant on a global scale.

Some things that I never see on the news or even hear being reported in the news are the mounting failures of these gigantic fans or the mounds of dead birds at the base of them. I'm guessing that doesn't fit with the present administrations "green" agenda, or something.

When algore began his con he was snickered at behind his back and just kinda patronized by the then main stream media, this being a spinoff of the global warming con. People and compamies have jumped on the bandwagon that is "wind energy" because of the extra ordinary government money that comes with it. There is not one voice in the media that thinks that the failures are a newsworthy item.

There are some watchdog groups that are documenting failures of the braking systems, improper installs, lightning strikes, seal failures, you name it it is happening. Worldwide the failures are astounding. One such group, The Industrial Wind Action Group has hundreds of such failures documented. This will never be a reliable source of electicity. I have no doubt that if a man put one on his land and did the upkeep himself and didn't just leave it and hope it worked it would supply his home with enough electricity....when the wind blows.

If we are going to cultivate a renewable source of energy, it will not be wind turbines. It may be fusion, fission, nuclear, maybe a combination of all, or even an as yet unnamed source by the "Bill Gates" of energy. Right now the only thing we have going for us is the nuclear plants and the freaks are going to protest them whenever they start to build. Heck, they'll be protesting when they plan to build. Until that ends we will be doing what we do, until the coal runs out.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

I Miss Her

On June 26 of this year a very good friend of many years passed away. Maybe "putting pen to paper" will help to ease the incredible pain I feel. I have not kept in touch like I wish now that I had. I can give many reasons why but I guess what it comes down to is that she had her family and career and I had my family and career. She was an award winning writer, an artist, a sportswoman, and a champion fisherman.

I met and worked with Karen in '74 or maybe ’75. After 35years, parts of my memories aren’t quite so vivid. I do remember that we were a great team back then. We went to Oklahoma City to a CB jamboree to meet some of my friends from around the country. That is where I gave her the handle “Somethin' Special”, and she was…always will be for me. We drove through a snow storm to Colorado Springs just to watch a hockey game because she knew that I liked the game and my team was playing.

I was driving a truck cross-country at the time and really wasn’t looking for a relationship, long term or otherwise. We were just friends. If we had stayed together and in touch who knew what would happen, as it was I was just happy that there was someone to make a phone call to, to laugh with, to talk to when I was lonely. I suppose that I should say that she was married at the time. Separated, but married, a fella named Dan Dotts. I never met him. I was just astounded that anyone could be married to Karen and either cause or want to be separated.

Back then I was hauling swinging beef out of Pampa, Texas to Green Bay, Wisconsin from and to a place called Packerland(imagine that) Packing. I would get to see her every week for a few hours or maybe we would just take a road trip and find a likely café and have dinner. Most times it was good, but others either she, or I would be in a funk and it would be a not so good day.

I bought my own truck and went outlaw, or gypo, whatever you want to call it. The hauls were longer and I didn’t get back to Amarillo very often. One day I loaded a load of gift fruit in Mission Texas for Fairbanks Alaska. I had only run the AlCan once before and didn’t look forward to it but it paid so damm good I couldn’t turn it down. I called Karen from San Antonio and asked her if she wanted to go and she said no. A kinda joke between us, she never did go with me on the truck, she was too responsible for that. I suppose this little story is a long way around saying that I didn’t see Karen again for a long time after that. I called her from Delta Junction on the way back, I’ll remember it forever. She told me that she and Dotts had gotten back together. I knew then that our day was done. I thought it was okay to see her when she was alone but I would never think to intrude on her after she went back to him. She really brought out the best in me. I picked up a load of apples in Kelowna BC going to Boston Mass and pretty much stayed on the northern routes of the US and Canada. I called one more time and Dotts answered the phone, so I quietly hung up and didn't call again.

In 1981 I met and married Kelley Jo and went to work in the oilfields in the derricks until the bottom fell out, I went back to driving truck until Justin was born, went to work in the shop, never driving trucks again. In 2000 I suffered a severe head trauma playing ice hockey with the senior leagues downtown and spent a month in the neuro-unit at BSA surprising everyone with my recovery.

Just after being released to go back to work I walked into the Civic Center, a job fair was going on. Karen was at the Pantex booth and she recognized me. I have no idea how and the fact that she recognized me and I did not recognize her will haunt me. Of course when she told me who she was I immediately remembered everything. We talked for a few minutes and said our goodbyes….again.
There are so may things that I think of now that I would have liked to ask her. Just thinking about it, I could have talked for hours. I kinda blame my injury for not asking the things that I would now like to know. She was married with kids, I had been married to Kelley and had Justin to raise. I sent her a couple of emails and we stayed in touch that way for a while, but that was the last time I saw her.

I want to make it plain to all readers that we were friends. We were never romantically involved, sure we kissed and joked and had fun but that was it. I would especially make that point to Kelley or Sam or any who read this. I loved Karen and I am still in love with her memory. I won’t get into the woulda, shoulda, coulda part. The times we had were very precious to me, but they don’t compare to the times I had with Kelley. I do, however, regret not calling her at least once or twice a year just to say hi, how are ya? I wasn’t sure how welcome that would be but I could have tried…. We were too close and I will never forgive myself.

The photos are from her outdoors articles from the Amarillo Globe news, except the one of she and I together. That one was taken in Oklahoma City. We were on our way to a steakhouse called Sleepy Hollow Supper Club, an out of the way place I discovered in the late 60s when I was transporting race horses. Funny the small things a man can remember and the large things he can't. The picture was taken by Sonny Blevins, my best friend in the world. I don’t have far to visit either of them, they now reside in the same cemetery.

I suppose some will say this is the ramblings of a bitter old man feeling sorry for himself. I suppose that’s true to an extent. The world is a poorer place without her in it and I believe that I am a better, not bitter, man for having known her.

I began this by saying I thought that writing it down would help…. It doesn’t.

I miss her.