Saturday, August 7, 2010

Wind Power

When the enviro-freaks are through telling us how good the wind power is, it may be important to remember that the total amount of energy that it puts into the grid world wide is slightly less than 2%. That would compare to nuclear power 20%, coal 45%, hydro-electric 7%, natural gas 24%. I couldn't find the percentage for solar power, but I figure it is still hovering around .006%. In other words, insignificant on a global scale.

Some things that I never see on the news or even hear being reported in the news are the mounting failures of these gigantic fans or the mounds of dead birds at the base of them. I'm guessing that doesn't fit with the present administrations "green" agenda, or something.

When algore began his con he was snickered at behind his back and just kinda patronized by the then main stream media, this being a spinoff of the global warming con. People and compamies have jumped on the bandwagon that is "wind energy" because of the extra ordinary government money that comes with it. There is not one voice in the media that thinks that the failures are a newsworthy item.

There are some watchdog groups that are documenting failures of the braking systems, improper installs, lightning strikes, seal failures, you name it it is happening. Worldwide the failures are astounding. One such group, The Industrial Wind Action Group has hundreds of such failures documented. This will never be a reliable source of electicity. I have no doubt that if a man put one on his land and did the upkeep himself and didn't just leave it and hope it worked it would supply his home with enough electricity....when the wind blows.

If we are going to cultivate a renewable source of energy, it will not be wind turbines. It may be fusion, fission, nuclear, maybe a combination of all, or even an as yet unnamed source by the "Bill Gates" of energy. Right now the only thing we have going for us is the nuclear plants and the freaks are going to protest them whenever they start to build. Heck, they'll be protesting when they plan to build. Until that ends we will be doing what we do, until the coal runs out.

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