Saturday, December 6, 2008


As we have now found out, the Trillion in giveaways did nothing for the people it was supposed to help. The criminals that we reinstall yearly in Washington just gave it to their already incredibly rich buddies. The bankers that got money just went out and bought more banks. There has been nothing done for the "poor" people it was supposed to help. How shocking!

Today we are going to bailout the United Auto Workers Union and by proxy the "Big Three" auto makers. Mostly it's a bailout so the union is not told to go find a real job. The end to protectionism? What a novel idea. They called them gangsters in the early days. Now they call them union leaders and politicians. They are expecting to be paid back for the ton of money they gave The Messiah for the election though. This will be a down payment. Contrary to what the whiners are saying, it is a bailout, it's not a loan. I can't think of anything more exciting than having to give money to a company for the privilege of buying it's product.

Watching the news, again I see that 41 states have their hand out for a bailout. They've been giving taxpayers money away as fast as they can rake it in and are so far in the red they don't know if they can keep their heads above water. Again the sky is falling, children are going to starve, and the fat welfare momma won't get her Big Screen TV. Of course, cutting giveaways will not work. They won't even stop giveaways to illegals, to their shame....and to ours for keeping them in control year after year.

I saw in the newspaper that one of the larger print media has gone bankrupt. Several of the existing ones, after years of mismanagement are also on their knees begging for the bailout cash. Nothing surprises me any more. The Exalted One will probably give them some of our money too. After all they lied for him and refused to print facts or even investigate his past.

Where will it end? That's a big question.


Col. Hogan said...

I'm thinking along the lines of not buying any more cars from the "big 3" if this bailout goes through. When I buy a new car--if I do--it'll be a Honda or a Toyota.

Screw those parasitical bastards!

steveintx said...

I heard today that they got turned down. Now if they would just figure out a way to cut the trillion retroactively and pull it back from the thieves that got it. But the thieves that gave it to them won't do that. I bought a new GMC P/U in '03 or I would go down and get a Tundra myself.