Sunday, December 28, 2008


I have read with interest the letters of local and not so local persons condemning the use of nuclear power plants. We seem to have many "not in my backyard" wierdos here. They overlook the fact that we have one of the largest storage and shipping facility for nukes within 30 mi of here.

The outrageous use of water, can’t they reuse water? The expense, we have and do pay to subsidize the building of dams, big fans, & coal-fired plants now. Why not channel the subsidies into clean burning, reliable nuke power? The latest rant was someone railing against nuclear waste. Funny thing about that, we have several up & running plants in the UsofA and I have not heard of any problems. Europe runs on nuke power, again I have heard of no problems. Believe it, were there any problems the enviro-whackos would be parading in front of every plant in the world.

In 1986 the Chernobyl Power Plant #4 reactor exploded showing the world what could happen with no oversight, no restrictions, shabby building standards and socialist controls. Hmm, could this have been one of the first terror strikes? The world has since tightened standards and security and no incidents have been reported. All these plants are aging though, if they are not replaced, in 10 or 20 years we will undoubtedly be facing a new crisis.

The Chosen One, has said He will put the coal business out of business. Of course that means we will no longer have a plant serving our area and will have to rely on the big fans. We will have to have one in every spot there is a spot to be able to serve the area and of course with an Obama presidency the wind will blow gently forever more.

In an Obama presidency like the Clinton presidency the global warming issue will not be an issue, unless it’s to further His agenda. Those of us that read knew all along that it’s a bunch of hooey. If it wasn’t those who espouse it would alter their lifestyles instead of telling us that we have to alter ours.

As far as the waste issue, we will develope a plan, as I stated earlier they must have a pretty good plan now. We will keep on safely developing ways. As long as we don't just dump it in a landfill somewhere I'm thinkin' it is pretty much under control. Somebody just has to take a stand, slap the whackos down...hard, and say "get out of our way, let us do our jobs".


Col. Hogan said...

Bill Clinton closed a huge high-quality coal deposit in Utah by declaring it a national preserve, for no other reason than that he didn't want a mining operation there. GWB, fool that he is, didn't rescind that action.

Algorians, if they wanted to be consistent, would welcome nuclear power, since there is less emissions than any other viable power source. Alas, algorians care nothing for consistency.

As for the NIMBY excuse, well, they never put power plants on the lot next to one's house. You know about San Onofre: there are no dwellings within three or four miles of it. No one has ever had an actual problem with the plant, and it has been supplying Southern California with power for many years.

Opposition to nuclear power is simple irrationality and Luddism. That, and the government children's prisons are not doing their jobs educating youngsters.

It seems that the members of neither of the entrenched political parties wants the United States to remain prosperous.

steveintx said...

I believe you have one upstate too. A comment in your post coupled with a whacko letter to the editor in our paper prompted me to expand on this. Not exactly the same but my letter was printed in the AGN on Wednesday.