Thursday, January 15, 2009


I have been watching the circus that is Illinois politics for a while now. How can we not? With the very short career of our now president-elect Barack Obama thrown into our lives and the now world famous Gov Rod Blagojevich and the claims of corruption in his administration.

The Governor has also been accused of attempting to sell the vacated Senate seat of The Obama. The Obama has done an internal investigation and concluded absolutely that neither He or His consorts were involved. I'm hoping that if I'm ever charged with a crime that the law will allow me to investigate and clear myself.

Now I don't know much about the corruption charges, probably no more than any average politician does during his career, but I do know that the US Attorney has torpedoed his own case in regards to the appointment of the Senator.

Blagojevich has broken no law in that case!

When Atty Fitzgerald arrested him for shopping the seat he had done nothing except talk about it. His attorney is going to say he was joking. Then he'll ask haven't you ever "pulled a shuck" on somebody. Think "Candid Camera" or "Punk'd". That in my mind totally absolves him of that "crime". What I'm wondering about is, why did atty Fizgerald jump the gun? Was he instructed to? Threatened? I would like to know. I do know that any atty worth a dime would know that it would sink his case by going in before the crime was commited. That is what makes me believe that he was instructed how to proceed. What I can't figure out is the why.

I don't know if The Obama wants him kept in or thrown out.


Col. Hogan said...

Blago can be impeached even without being convicted of a crime. They're working on that,now--but it may or may not get him kicked out. When Clinton was impeached, there were enough cowardly Democrat Senators to vote against conviction. Oh well!

steveintx said...

Yup. I knew he had been impeached. Now we have to wait and see what real evidence they have against him. I don't think they have the eggs to kick him out without any proof of wrong doing. I still don't think they will have enough to hang the senate seat shopping charge on him though. They went in early, by design or by stupidity only the Chicago Machine knows for sure.