Saturday, January 24, 2009

Truck Turbines

In the late seventies, early eighties there were these trucks running up and down the road with huge smokestacks and intakes.I had the oportunity to talk to a driver who operated one of them. He said that the engine was very quiet, got great mileage and had no visible exhaust. We could tell by the way that it ran in the mountains or on the flat it had power beyond anything else on the road. They just kind of faded out as we saw less and less and then kind of just went away.

I hadn't thought of them again until lately in another blog "Trucks That Work" had a post that jogged the ol' pumpkin. I'm now wondering why, with all the concern about saving energy and stopping pollution, the gobment don't throw some money at this. I am seeing they have so much to throw at rich bankers and labor unions they should have a little left over for R&D of an idea whose time has come. Heck Sen John McCain wanted to give a hundred million to someone who could invent a battery.

Today'sadvantages to turbine power are many Who knows what tomorrow could bring.

one-third less burnt fuel than current piston engine technology
30%+ less fuel emissions and greenhouse gasses
fewer nitrogen oxides (NO, NO2, N2O2) and carbon monoxide (CO) emissions
operates on all fuels: hydrocarbon, hydrogen and synthetic
flex fuel and mixed fuels capability
no pistons or valves, and no lube oil, filters or pumps
fewer moving parts means less maintenance
high power-to-weight ratio
air cooled and lightweight: less than 2 lbs. per hp
cold start capability

The cost is compatible to today's diesel engines, about $25k. The horsepower range is fantastic 300hp to 1000hp. I don't know about the reliability, but if this engine does what it is touted to do, there is no other downside to it. I can't even see the algore sky-is-falling freaks being against it.

We now see that pouring corn in the tanks doesn't work. The new bios burn dirtier, are less efficient, and cost more. Well, they have succeeded in driving the cost of food up. I guess that's a success....for them.

Lord Obamamama is going to have to get on the stick. He can no longer coast and say "It's George Bush's fault".

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