Friday, February 27, 2009


This was printed in Waste and Recycling News 2-20-2009 in response to the question....How well do you think the economic stimulus package will work?

When Pres Obama was still Candidate Obama one of the things he ran on was not having the "same failed policies of the last eight years". Now I see that he is putting forth the same "failed policies". If this bill had only work related programs that would have immediate impact, it may be a worthy risk. There is so much social engineering and flatout giveaways to special interests in this that it is very questionable whether it will work. I have my doubts.

I again ask the question. Did no one listen to the man when he was running for president?


Col. Hogan said...

I'm less generous than you. I'll flat out state that B Hussein's policies will not work. We'll be lucky if we survive the next eight years with any meaningful Constitution at all.

He's also a far worse liar--already--than GWB was accused of being. Example: his pledge that no one making less than $250k will get an increase in his taxes. his proposed budget includes an energy tax that will increase the costs of all fuels to every individual.

steveintx said...

Yup, since that letter was posted other things have happened that removed all doubt. Even Wall Street has lost all confidence in this puppet. I'm composing another letter that I am taking info from the trades I follow. If you think the Ahhnold is bad.....