Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Illegal Aliens

Speaker of the Democrats Nancy Pelosi, the Frisco Ho, has decided to lay some love on the illegals from other countries. Now I'm guessing that means the Al Queda, Hamas, Hezbollah, MS 13 as well as the illegals from Mexico. It is impossible to separate one from the other. That is why we have immigration laws. SanFran Nan has mental defects that prevent her from understanding this. If the voters in the north of Soviet California would realize this maybe they would again be part of the United States. Fat chance, eh?

I hear that president Obama says he is going to get tougher on border enforcement. Of course he has instructed his Homeland Security Chief to stop enforcing many of the laws that make our country more secure so that is just another of his not meaning what he says for public consumption. Privately he can say, let 'em come on in, before the next vote we'll pass an amnesty bill and I'll get re-elected no matter what." That tells me that he is supporting the drug running and killing by illegals as well.

While we are on that subject. If Obama would really like to control the drugs coming into the United States it would be a not so simple, but doable proposition. All that has to be done is:

1. If you get a check from the government, city, state, or federal you take a pee test and are subject to randoms if the computer chooses your name.

2. If you get a check from a movie studio, recording studio, anyone in the entertainment industry you take a pee test and are subject to randoms if the computer chooses your name.

3. If you get a check from the Media...big one here, you take a pee test and are subject to randoms if the computer chooses your name.

4. And the most critical. If you are a teacher in the public school system you take a pee test and are subject to a random if the computer chooses you.

I'm guessing that the idea is getting across that if you receive compensation in the USA for anything you are subject to drug testing. I don't see this as a further invasion of rights, they've already destroyed that by invading the transportation industry. The ones who say "I don't care, I'm smokin' weed & doin' snort" are just homeless losers. The Salvation Army has a position for them. Where there is no market for drugs there will be no drugs.


Col. Hogan said...

If any President wanted to put an end to at least 75% of the crime in the US, relegate MS13 to all the poverty it deserves, and do a lot toward straightening out the cops, all he'd have to do is end the drug war. Legalize all drugs.

I had my adventures with drugs, but I'm long over that now. It was fun, and it was expensive. It was hard on the body.

It's nobody's business but mine.

Imagine a gram of cocaine on the shelf of Rexall for about a buck, used mainly as a topical pain killer.


steveintx said...

"Legalize all drugs"

But then we would have a whole new set of problems wouldn't we? But yes, that would end the criminal aspect. I'd hate to see all the eight year old cokeheads though. You think selling to kids is bad now, just legalize them and every junkie in the country would make the schools and the playgrounds their business office.

Col. Hogan said...

You're right: there would still be problems. But, we'd have fewer cross-fire battles in the streets, fewer cops busting into the wrong houses. We'd have to charge parents with the job of teaching their kids the dangers of the stuff.

After all, every drug has legitimate uses, and making them illegal just keeps researchers from learning what they are.

But, if drug legalization did nothing more than rid us of scum like MS13, it would be enough.